Cliches make Jameson Rodgers cringe.

But here goes.

“This is a dream come true,” he gushes of his debut album Bet You’re From a Small Town, a gritty, country music masterpiece that most certainly will have the soft-spoken yet edgy country traditionalist landing in superstar territory. “I can remember a time, not so long ago, when none of this was going on and it seemed like it would never happen. I mean, things like this don’t happen to guys like me.”

He speaks in somewhat hushed tones, as if speaking too loudly about all that he has already achieved might make it somehow all go away. But with the success of his Platinum-certified, No. 1 debut hit “Some Girls” and his follow-up Top 10 smash “Cold Beer Calling My Name,” Rodgers is in fact cementing his place amongst the future legends of the genre, finding that truth and toughness mixed in with a whole bunch of authenticity can form a career for even the most skeptical of artists.